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Jones Act Lawyer Acquires Settlement for Injured Deckhand

Jones Act Lawyer Acquires Settlement for Injured Deckhand

Choose a Jones Act Lawyer with a Successful RecordIf you are looking for a Jones Act lawyer, keep a few things in mind. First, make sure you choose an attorney that is experienced. You want a lawyer that has been practicing for several years and has experience with courtroom trials, in case your claim goes to trial. Second, choose an attorney that specializes in the maritime industry. You want a lawyer that has a complete understanding of the Jones Act. Finally, choose a Jones Act lawyer that has a proven success record. Experience does not always equal success. Choose an attorney that has plenty of wins under his or her belt.

Jones Act Lawyer Gets “The Win” for Knee InjuryR. Lee was a deckhand aboard a ferry when he needed an experienced Jones Act lawyer on his side. Mr. Lee performed a variety of tasks while working aboard the ferry. One of the tasks he was assigned to do was to repair the vessel’s roller chocks. At the time of the attempted repair, the vessel was at sea. Mr. Lee was not given any necessary safety equipment to perform the repairs – he was simply told to fix the rollers. The rollers were heavy – almost 140 pounds – and when Mr. Lee tried to lift one he injured his knee. The injury was so severe that he had to undergo three surgeries to repair the damage. Mr. Lee contacted an experienced Jones Act lawyer and a claim was filed.

Mr. Lee’s Jones Act lawyer had no trouble demonstrating the negligence of the employer, as well as the unsafe working environment. Mr. Lee should not have been forced to make the roller repairs while the vessel was at sea. Instead, the repairs should have taken place when the vessel was docked so that Mr. Lee could have had proper equipment, including scaffolding. He was also not provided with any assistance in lifting the heavy rollers. Mr. Lee’s Jones Act lawyer was able to acquire a settlement of over $400,000 for the injured seaman.

Your Jones Act Lawyer Looks out for Your Best InterestsIf you have been hurt due to unsafe working conditions aboard a vessel, contact a Jones Act lawyer for advice. Depending on the exact situation, you could be entitled to compensation. Your attorney will file the claim and help get you the best settlement or award for your injuries. Your Jones Act lawyer will always look out for your best interests, not the interests of your employer.

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